A Mother’s Fight for Justice: Unveiling a Disturbing Tale of Abduction, Abuse, and Judicial Misconduct

Unveiling a Disturbing Saga of Abduction, Deceit, and Judicial Misconduct - Sparks a Call for Urgent Systemic Reform

SARASOTA, FL, Jan. 06, 2023 /PRESSMUB/— In a shocking and harrowing tale, a mother’s nightmare at the hands of her sociopathic sister-in-law and her hardly functioning alcoholic brother has unleashed shockwaves in both Memphis, Tennessee, and Sarasota, Florida. The events surrounding the abduction and subsequent battle to return the two minor children have exposed a web of deceit, unethical behavior, and an abuse of power within the judicial system.

The story began innocently enough when the mother’s estranged brother, Ryan Thomas Chilton, and his new wife, Adrienne Jeanine Aviles (aka. Adrienne Jeanine Filardo, Adrienne Jeanine Fagan), took advantage of an opportunity for the mother’s two children to visit Memphis for a short summer vacation. However, what transpired during their stay turned out to be far from innocent.

Three weeks later, on July 26, 2023, the youngest child called his mother in distress, detailing encounters with Satanic and occult elements instigated by their uncle and his wife. Disturbing incidents ranged from exposure to sinister content to engaging in discussions and actions of a dark nature. The child even shared unsettling visuals of pentagrams and ominous spray-painted sequences at the Aviles/Chilton residence.

Efforts to coordinate the return of the children proved futile, as Aviles and Chilton flatly refused to surrender them to their mother. Instead, they asserted their intent to file paperwork, insinuating a desire for temporary custody.

Contacting law enforcement authorities in both Sarasota and Memphis, the mother sought assistance in retrieving her children. Despite swift action, Aviles and Chilton evaded capture, constituting acts of abduction, kidnapping, and false imprisonment.

A subsequent fraudulent filing of a petition of “neglect” in Shelby County, Tennessee, on October 4th, 2023, further complicated the legal battle, with the abductors seeking to exploit the legal system’s loopholes.

The actions of the abductors and their manipulation of the legal system have resulted in numerous violations of state and federal laws, including but not limited to abduction, kidnapping, false imprisonment, malicious child abuse, interference with custody, perjury, and unjustifiable conduct.

Magistrate Judge William Glasgow from the Shelby County Juvenile Court has raised concerns regarding his impartiality and commitment to ethical standards. His inappropriate suggestions, undeserved reprimands, and scornful treatment of the mother, coupled with violations of judicial conduct, illustrate a disregard for procedural decorum and constitutional rights.

In the ongoing legal battle, both the mother and her children have suffered profound emotional and psychological trauma. The long-term separation, spanning 186 days, represents the most extended period they have ever spent apart.

Assisted by Memphis attorney Mrs. Rochelle McCrackin, Esq., a motion has been filed in Memphis to dismiss the petition and nullify all proceedings. This action is grounded in the abductors’ lack of jurisdiction, judicial deception, and fraudulent conduct.

In the ongoing Sarasota County case, the Honorable Judge Rochelle Curley of the Twelfth Judicial Circuit Court will preside. The Mother, represented by her attorney, Jake Hannaway, Esq., from Jodat Law Firm, has filed an emergency pick-up order seeking the prompt return of her children.

Significantly, the kidnappers, now represented by Attorney Nia Sharan from Sarasota’s Kowtko Law Group, have sought a continuance, leaving many onlookers bewildered and prompting widespread curiosity regarding their legal strategy.

The distressing events surrounding this case spotlight the immediate necessity for judicial system reform. Urgent actions are required to address issues, hold those responsible accountable, and institute changes to prevent the recurrence of such injustices in the future.

Despite facing adversity, the mother, now more than six months into her relentless pursuit of justice, contends with the enduring impact of the sociopathic sister-in-law and her alcoholic husband’s reign of terror on her and her children. The sustained abuse, manipulation, and breaches of state and federal laws lay bare the systemic shortcomings in the judicial process. It is paramount that justice prevails, reforms are instated, and the children are reunited with their devoted mother. This case serves as a poignant reminder of the imperative to safeguard the rights of children and prioritize their well-being above all else.

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