Greelance Announces the Launch of $GRL Token through an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on Spores Network

Launch of $GRL Token through DEX Offering (IDO)

AUSTIN, TX, Jan. 12, 2024 /PRESSMUB/ — In an exciting development for the blockchain and freelance industry, Greelance is set to launch its native token, $GRL, through an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on the Spores Network. This significant event is scheduled for 10 AM UTC on January 12th, marking a pivotal moment in Greelance’s journey.

Preparation Steps for Participants:

  • Stake $SPO for Exclusive Access: Investors are encouraged to stake Spores tokens ($SPO) to gain VIP access to the IDO.
  • Ethereum Blockchain Integration: Ensure your digital wallet is configured with the Ethereum blockchain to facilitate transactions.
  • ETH Wallet Registration: Register your Ethereum wallet on Greelance’s registration portal to participate in the IDO.
  • Funding Preparation: Arrange to have USDT/USDC (BNB) and BNB available for the acquisition of $GRL tokens.
  • Participate in the IDO: Join the Greelance community at the IDO to become part of a revolutionary platform in the decentralized workforce sector.

Why Join the Greelance IDO?

The Greelance platform, utilizing artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, is redefining the freelance marketplace. By participating in the $GRL IDO, investors will be at the forefront of this innovative ecosystem, contributing to a more balanced and efficient marketplace for freelancers and employers alike.

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About Greelance:

Greelance is a state-of-the-art platform designed to transform the global independent workforce landscape. By tackling the challenges in conventional talent marketplaces, Greelance introduces a more fair, transparent, and efficient system, powered by AI and blockchain technology. This approach not only reduces fees but also enhances long-term connections within the industry.

Connect with Greelance:

For more information about the Greelance IDO and to join this transformative journey, please visit:

  • Website: Greelance Official Website
  • Telegram Channel: Greelancer Announcement Channel
  • Telegram Group: Greelancer Telegram Group
  • Twitter: Greelance Twitter
  • Discord: Join Greelance on Discord
  • Whitepaper: Read the Greelance Whitepaper

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Contact Information:
Jimmy Idemudia
Phone: +1 (512) 616-2184

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