Revolutionizing Job and Candidate Search in IT: Unveils Next-Generation AI-Powered Platform Based on Skills

LVIV, Ukraine – Jan. 11, 2024 / PRESSMUB — introduces a paradigm shift in job hunting by eliminating the need for hours spent manually scrolling through listings or sifting through candidates. The developers proudly unveil their latest innovation—a skills-based platform that redefines the approach to job search.

The system transforms the landscape of job searches and candidate sourcing, introducing an unparalleled automated system tailored to individual profiles and job vacancies. Unlike traditional methods where manual browsing through job catalogs consumes valuable time, offers a revolutionary approach that simplifies the process, providing efficiency and accuracy unmatched by human efforts.

Creating your basic profile and specifying fundamental skills initiates the system’s autonomous search for potential job opportunities. Utilizing advanced AI algorithms, the system promptly identifies suitable matches. For listings aligning perfectly with your skills, the system automatically suggests them for your consideration. In instances of partial alignment, the system prompts users to supplement their profiles with necessary skills before re-evaluating the match against job requirements.

The precision achieved by the system surpasses manual processing capabilities, handling vast volumes of information swiftly and accurately. Activating the automatic search process is as simple as creating a profile on the portal and specifying core skills. Once relevant job opportunities are identified, the system promptly notifies users, revolutionizing the job search experience.

Moreover, DecisionWanted offers passive sourcing, eliminating the need for exhaustive manual candidate review processes. Posting a job vacancy on the skills-based platform triggers the system’s AI algorithms to scout potential candidates. The system surveys candidates regarding their proficiency in required skills. Upon receiving responses, the system compares candidate profiles with job requirements, automatically proposing suitable matches accompanied by detailed reports.

The algorithms consider multiple job vacancy parameters, including candidate skill proficiency, relevant experience, and specific skill importance for the vacancy.’s unparalleled accuracy in this task exceeds human capability, swiftly handling vast data sets. Activating the automatic candidate search process involves posting the job vacancy on the portal and accurately defining the required skills.

The developer team addresses the issue of outdated proposals from recruiters, often based solely on keywords. offers a revolutionary approach by tailoring selections to individual users, significantly saving their time.

“ precisely determines the job’s relevance to an individual, akin to comparing a Google search to a query with GPT chat. In the former, you receive numerous links, only a few of which may be relevant. In the latter, you get a direct answer to your query. It simplifies life significantly,” explained company representatives.

The system operates anonymously, sharing contact details between parties only after confirmation of mutual interest in further collaboration.

It’s worth noting that the system has successfully undergone testing and, in some instances, demonstrated exceptional efficiency, particularly with unique job openings.

As the IT job market undergoes transformations, innovative skills-based platforms like are setting new standards for job search and candidate selection.

Experience the future of job searches and candidate sourcing with, where precision, efficiency, and automated solutions redefine the process, saving time and ensuring precise matches between skills and opportunities.

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